full name Penelope MacCallan age + birthdate 22, January 9, 1993 birthplace Port Glasgow, United Kingdom raised in Brighton, England current residence London, England occupation Model family Candice MacCallan (model)


Penelope MacCallan was born late winter in the busy town of Port Glasgow, Scotland to Candice MacCallan and David Abernathy. Candice was 17 and unmarried when she gave birth to Penelope, and her father left shortly after her birth. This this point, Candice put her blossoming modeling career on the back burner to focus on being a mother. When Penelope, or Penny as she’s more commonly referred, was five when she and her mother moved out of her grandparents house and to Brighton, England to live with Candice's boyfriend Caleb Butler, who would later become her stepfather. Penelope has never made any move to reach out to her birth father and has no interest in knowing him.


Penny was pretty unmotivated during her school years, and started to pursue modeling when she was 14. Her mother was fully supportive of her decision, feeling regretful that she'd never had the chance to heighten her modeling career due to childbirth and motherhood. Candice took time away from her job to drive young Penny to modeling go-sees and auditions. When Penny was 17, she was signed to Storm Modeling Management and modeled for Burberry the next year. In 2011 she made an official move to Chelsea, London to pursue her modeling career full time.

Penny has modeled for brands such as Chanel, DKNY, Tom Ford, Yves St Laurent, featured in many advestising campaigns. She has also modeled on the catwalk for Burberry, Oscar De La Renta, Givenchy among others. She was also the face of Chanel in 2013. She has also attended Fashion Week regularly since 2012. Penny also was the recipient of The British Fashion Awards model of the year in 2014.

Not a stranger to tabloids, Penny is often snapped spending late nights out on the town with friends. She has made many contacts. Most notably, she began dating The Johnsons guitarist Roger Dougall in August of 2014. Their 48 year age difference has become a subject of speculation and disdain in the media.
Penny maintains a close relationship with her mother and a distant but amiable relationship with her step father. She often travels back to Brighton to visit them and her step sister Katherine (8 years of age). She is a hard worker and is constantly on the move, a source of boundless energy and drive. Modeling is truly her passion and she can't picture doing anything else with her life. In her free time she enjoys jazz music, playing the piano poorly and socializing.