Dear Rizwan,
By the time you're getting this, you're probably halfway across the world in Bucharest, unpacking your things, wondering why you have a piece of paper shoved in your shoe. Surprise! This is an Easter Egg, "as the whites call it". We've said our proper goodbyes, had our perfect day, but as you know, I can never just let things lie. I gotta go over the top; I wouldn't be me if I didn't right?

The next few weeks, perhaps months will be a test of our strength and our love. We both love a challenge, so I'm not worried, but it's still worth noting. I've never felt more secure in anything than I do with you; more loved or appreciated, you check all of the boxes a true lover should. This is why I am so confident that our spent apart will do nothing to waver the love and trust we have built together.

Still, as we part ways, I want you to know how much I truly love you. You are my glimmer of hope in a dark world, the pillow I can rest my weary head on at night. You listen to my every woe and you make sure I never want for affection or anything, really. The love I have for you burns brighter than anything I've ever known, and I have never felt anything more overwhelming, consuming, or wonderful in my entire life. This is what love is supposed to be. This is a truly happy ending.

I can't wait to be your wife and start our family. Well, continue it. Almería wouldn't enjoy being excluded. Have a safe trip, my darling dear. I'll miss you terribly, and I love you more than anything in this world